Spreading the Quintessential Lifestyle

Since launching Q Sciences in late 2012, owner Marc Wilson, has championed the initiative of greater health and wellness with revolutionary advancements in nutrition and delivery.  The “Q” in Q Sciences stands for “Quintessential,” meaning the best of the best, the perfect embodiment of something, including our unmatched nutritional supplements and targeted self-care solutions.  Marc is a two-time Super Bowl Champion who learned to play hurt.  Throughout his career as a professional athlete and successful businessman, Marc never settled for the status quo.  Marc always showed up for his team.  After meeting with experts in health and science, Marc realized that adequate nutrition had become a serious problem in our modern society.  Too many places to be, too many things to do, and too many unhealthy options.  Yet, many of us aren’t taking our health and nutrition seriously, precluding us from performing optimally when it matters most.  Marc's  unquenchable thirst for making a difference led him back into the business world.  Now, he’s helping spread that “Quintessential Lifestyle” so everyone can feel and perform at their very best.  At Q, we are continuously showing up for our "teams" too - family, friends, and ourselves.  

Let's talk about how your life can be Quintessentially better with the delivery and nutrition from our products.  The opportunity to bless your family and others with their health and well as with their finances is available to you